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7 Valentine’s Gifts that Mean More than Chocolate and Flowers

I’m not opposed to chocolate. I’m certainly not opposed to flowers; I happen to hint at them to my husband quite often. But I also speak the language of gifts, as in love language, as in this is one of the few things I pride myself on.

Gift giving and receiving literally is my love language – I’ve taken the test more than once, and always get this outcome. Words are sweet and can go a long way, but the fastest way to prove that you love me is by giving a gift that shows me you do. I don’t mean the pricey gold studs I’ve been eyeing (but really, who would say no?), I mean the gifts that show you listen even when I don’t think you are. That you saw what I pointed out months ago online or what I mentioned needing way back when and still remembered to get it. Or that you personalized to remind me of something that would tug on the heartstrings, something that holds significance to my life.

So guys, I’m here to help. No one knows your lady better than you, but hopefully this will give you somewhere to start!

valentines gifts more meaningful than flowers and chocolate

One. Personalized jewelry. I don’t just mean a monogram (again, though, who would say no?), I mean something intricately personalized to your girl. For example, this past Christmas, my husband gave me a small rose gold band that had the coordinates of the exact spot we stood in when we got married. It also had our wedding date on the inside, as well as a symbol that holds meaning to me. Think something cute that you always say to each other, a quote that means a lot to her, or dates and locations of somewhere important to y’all. Etsy is a goldmine for things like this!

Two. Similarly sentimental, a mug or cup with a special saying. I have LOADS of coffee mugs, but I seem to use the same one nine times out of ten – one my husband chose that always seems to make me feel calm. Pick one that makes her laugh, that relates to her favorite show or book; one that, every time she picks it up, she can’t help but think of you and warm up inside.

Three. Take her somewhere meaningful. Dinner is nice, fancy restaurants are nice. But they aren’t for her. They are for everyone on days like that. Do something for her. Drive that extra little bit to her favorite winery. Eat dinner in, but pick up her favorite appetizer, meal, and desert from her 3 favorite restaurants. Hike to that one spot that gives her all the feels, and bring the blanket to cuddle. Extra work? Sure. Worth it? You bet.

Four. Lots of girls are list-makers. I’m disorganized as all get out, but I at least do that. Get her a pretty pad that’ll make the list-writing a little more enjoyable, and then kick it up a notch. Throughout it, “add” things to her list that’ll make her smile, or that you can do instead. Things like, “no cooking tonight, let me take you out,” or “go ahead and scratch laundry out, I’ll handle it today.” Imagine those Ryan Gosling memes but YOU actually get to use them in real life. Better yet, make those memes using your face and stick them throughout the to-do list. Major bonus points for that.

Five. Take it back to middle school/high school romances – make her a mixed tape. This can be as fun or as romantic as you want, that’s completely up to you! Bonus, it’s also super inexpensive. You can even keep with the times and make a playlist on Spotify instead. This is an easy way of tying everything you want to say together into one big bundle and still crossing off a gift!

Six. I know, I know, this is cheesy. But photo gifts? Those can actually be really cute, especially if she’s a mom! The opportunities are limitless when it comes to kids, but for us without, there’s still quite a few options that would go above and beyond. If you’re talented like that, compiling a photo book will be bound to sweep her off her feet. If you’re more low-key, making a tote bag with a classic wedding picture is guaranteed to make her smile. Even a picture on a pillow of that little town you visited way back when – that’s a keepsake in the making. I’ve used Snapfish and Shutterfly before, so that’s what I’ve linked below. They regularly send out coupons to help with pricing.

Seven. I may be a little biased, but a gift that’s going to nurture her heart will do more good than anything. Of course I’d vote for a devotional, specifically this one, but there are so many different ways you can do this. Similar to the to-do list, you could provide her with a journal filled throughout with verses and words of inspiration. Even a book like The Voice in the Wind – that book has done more for my soul than so many other things.

See? A little extra effort will say so much more than what flowers or chocolates can say. I’m not saying to bypass those items, just maybe consider adding one or two of these too. You won’t regret it, I promise;).

Girls, I’d love to hear more suggestions in the comments!

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