Wedding Wednesday: A Bride’s Necessities

Over a month later, there are still times when I feel like I need to be crafting or organizing or pinning for our Wedding Day. I experienced it, I’ve seen the pictures, but I don’t think it has hit me that it’s over! So much time and energy put into a few short hours- but man, were they perfect. 
Brett and I were very fortunate to have Grouse Moor Catering organize so much of our big day. Buddy and his team covered the flowers, the rentals, the food, and most decorations. When we first began meeting, I was almost a little worried that there wouldn’t be much for me to do! Any bride reading this would probably laugh at that; there is ALWAYS plenty to do when planning a wedding! 

Over the course of the year, I discovered a few things that made the entire process a bit smoother- and a few that just made me happy while I planned:)!

1. A notebook. I know that is something so simple, but it was honestly my biggest “go to” when I was planning. I wrote everything in one little notebook- notes from meetings, lists of things to do, what I wanted certain areas to look like- everything. Make it cute, because you’re going to have to see it constantly during your engagement. I really like this Kate Spade one [because, you know, I have a thing for gold] and this ampersand one, which is fitting for a wedding. 

2. A coffee mug with your new initial. Ok, ok, I know, this definitely isn’t a “necessity.” But can I just say that my coffee mug brought me so much enjoyment on the many snow days when the majority of my “planning” got completed?! This one’s cute, but you can also get them for like $1-$3 at Michaels. Coffee, hot chocolate, or tea [your weapon of choice] really is a necessity in the planning process. Pick your poison;)!

3. A tote bag. I ended up carrying one around with my new initial like this one that comes in four colors.  Similar to the notebook, just make it something that you enjoy using often. It also needs to be sturdy and large enough to hold magazines, notes, fabric swatches, brochures, etc. Now’s your chance to revel in all the bride paraphernalia so this is a good option as well [and it’s got that something blue]! 

4. Nail Polish. Be prepared girl, people are going to be checking out your hand left and right [but more so left;)]. I tend to favor pinks and lighter hues because they just seem to make the diamond glisten. Which might be all in my head, but they do seem very bridal! Essie has this great “She Said Yes” collection that has white, pink, light blue, and coral included. The pink is in the collage above! 

5. Wine. Let’s be real, wine might even beat coffee in terms of the drink of choice for wedding planning. Even better, find a local winery to support, like Grandfather Vineyard. Last year you could often find me with this glass filled with my wine of choice, pinning away. My sister [maid of honor] gave me the glass at my bridal shower, and I just can’t seem to make myself stop using it!

6. A planner. I’m a sucker for Lilly Pulitzer planners. I get excited using something so cute that I actually remember to write things down! You will have lots of meetings, deadlines, and contracts to fulfill, and having a set calendar to record them in is extremely beneficial. Lilly planners also come with cute stickers that I might’ve used to mark basically every event leading up to the wedding. 

7. Thank you cards. Start these as early as you can! I feel like I’ve been writing them every night for a month straight, and the list still goes on! Granted, it is a very sweet feeling to go back over the love that people showered on you. Having these on hand makes it easy to write them after showers, parties, or for whoever helps out along the way! I think these are beautiful [it’s got gold so of course I like them] but I also think these would really fit a fun personality. These are much more affordable, and still really cute. 

8. A map. This one is a little different than the others. My sister [again, being the MOH of the year] used Photoshop to make a map of our ceremony and reception site. She framed it and gave me a dry erase marker so that I could write on the glass.  This was such a great idea, as I was able to mark where I wanted certain tables, what would be placed on them (gifts, favors, guest book, etc.),  and what I needed to have completed for the tables to be ready. I took this with me to meet the planner and to the actual site, and it made the final stages of wedding planning so much easier. Even if you are in a square or rectangular room, having this to draw on and change as much as you want really is a creative and handy tool!

9. Bridal magazines. Yes, this is a technical age, and yes, Pinterest is a bride’s best friend. But nothing beats flipping through the glossy pages of BRIDE, dog-earring your favorite styles to revisit throughout the process. I used magazines to get my initial ideas, and then fine-tuned them with Pinterest. When I felt stumped the most, I wanted something physical to browse through. Local magazines, like The Knot North Carolina and High Country Wedding Guide, helped me greatly when searching for venues and vendors. I highly recommend checking what’s around you, since they normally have a list comparing most local vendors for price, services provided, and number of guests possible. 

Of course, none of these things can replace a stellar maid of honor, supportive groom, and incredible family that’ll spend hours completing tasks like making paper fans you don’t even end up using due to the rain on your wedding day. These things just help keep a bride sane, cheery, and ready to tackle that checklist!

Any other things that you’d say are a necessity? I’d love your feedback!

Shop the “necessities” mentioned above: 

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