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Wedding Wednesday- The Details

A couple weeks ago, I shared with you my favorite detail from our wedding, the centerpieces and seating arrangement. While those details are easy to proclaim as my most beloved, there wasn’t anything that I didn’t absolutely adore. All the little odds and ends made this day and this setting so very precious to us. 
These pillows were nice little touches to integrate the literary theme and add a cozy feel. Now, they double as decor for our new home! [P.S. If you are a literary dweeb like me, you might notice that the Jane Eyre quote is wrong. Trust me, this drove me crazy. I almost didn’t use the pillow. But I love Jane Eyre so much, I couldn’t not use it.] I wish I had found this pillow with one of my favorite Pride and Prejudice quotes before the wedding, or even this classic Harry Potter pillow [which is close to $10 with shipping!!!]
Another literary detail was this folded book. I used a template from ArtFolds. You can find this exact one here. When we started with this theme, I had intended to shape an “E & B” out of book pages. Unfortunately, too much time had flown by before I got around to it [and such is wedding planning]. The book used to write “love” was Sense and Sensibility, which was all the more fitting, as it was one of the novels used in our centerpieces! [I also have Jane Eyre that folds into “Read”]

This was one of our two guestbooks. My outrageously talented and oh-so-supportive sister drew this tree for us, and she did such an amazing job! Another great decoration for our new home. Note the Grimm’s Fairy Tales collection in the back:). Our other guestbook was a large family Bible. We asked our guests to highlight their favorite verse and sign their name. This stays on the coffee table in our living room, and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of looking through it.
I love DIYing [if that is a word?] and I wanted our wedding to be as personalized as it could be, so I chose to make our programs [and invitations and save the dates]. I wouldn’t recommend this for a bride that gets stressed under pressure- there are very cute designs out there for affordable rates! I just really wanted to cut any extra costs that we could and really make it our own. More on our booklet programs another day!
We went with two main wedding favors: the golf tees above and the koozies below. Brett is the golf coach at our local high school and loves to play whenever he has the chance. If its a free Saturday, or perhaps just a few somewhat free hours that push all other events to the side, you can often find him with either of our fathers, my brother-in-law, or his sister’s fiancé on a course.  Since I was able to have my literary details all throughout the wedding, I figured Brett should at least get these:). 

Brett and I are also both big fans of craft beer, so we knew right away that we wanted koozies as our main favor. I made the designs on Photoshop and ordered them through this website. They were by far the most affordable I could find and are really nice quality as well! We decided to order both our wedding colors [dusty rose and dark teal] and black and gold [to be prepared for tailgate, of course].

 Another one of my favorite aspects of the wedding was our photo booth. Even though I wasn’t present for this, the photo evidence suggests that it helped the time pass smoothly during the cocktail hour! I have loved seeing the pictures that our guests took using this. I just hate that we didn’t get to take any ourselves! I bought both this prop collection [$10] and this one [less than $3 WITH SHIPPING!] to use, and they both were great!

Last, but most certainly not least, is a detail from the ceremony itself. When Brett proposed, he had our family surround us and read the verses in 1 Corinthians 13 to me. I knew I wanted to incorporate it in the wedding, and what could be better than to walk literally amidst the verse down the aisle. My [once again] amazing sister and maid of honor made these signs for us. Every time I look at them, I just get giddy over how they turned out.  Simply perfect. 
While all these details are so very special and so incredibly cherished by both Brett and me, the best detail by far was the people that we were able to spend the day with. These little decorations show our personality in a physical and tangible way, but the guests show why our personalities are the way they are. The guests are what makes us us. And that’s a greater blessing and a more beautiful detail than any decoration could be. 
Photography by Carolina Portrait Designs and Melissa Boone Photography.

P.S. I really love these candles below!! To be able to smell Thornfield’s Garden and be taken to Pimberley? Oh goodness, that’s just simply wonderful! 
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