Welcome to Darling, Dearest

Well, hello! Thanks for stopping in:) I know this is very early in the blogging process to make a change, but this just felt right. With the advice of some very dear friends, Darling, Dearest has taken flight!

Why the change? For starters, I’ve moved to WordPress [hence the minor face-lift]. Blogger was great to begin with and even though I was only there for about two months, I learned so much in terms of coding, SEO, and the basics of blogging. However, I wanted more control over the appearance and publicity of my blog, so the move seemed logical. It’s what’s best for the long run, and I want this blog for the long run. If it’s best to switch in the young stages of your blog, why wait?

I could’ve made this process much easier on myself and just switched the domain name [] over to the new blog. Alas, I had to make a difficult process just that much harder and decide to change the name as well. This also is something that is much easier to do when young.

Why leave To Be Gracious and Golden? I love the idea behind that name; having and giving grace is a beautiful thing which everyone should strive for. And to be golden? That implies acts of goodness, timelessness.  To be both of these words is a wonderful concept. But in short, the title was long. At first, the length didn’t bother me very much. The more regularly I was typing it, the more annoyed I became.

Discovering a name was originally the most difficult part about starting a blog. My dear friend Marjorie sat through text after text after text of ideas, giving feedback and encouragement for so many of them. One name stuck out to begin with but I was worried that it didn’t connect with my content.  However, it still felt right.

Many of my favorite novels all have one thing in common: They address the reader. And the new title, “Darling, Dearest” is my attempt to do just that. This is my journey. Through clothing choices, through crafts, through experiences, and through words. And I want to take you, dear reader, along with me. So, being the true southern lady that I am, I’m going to bless your heart and call you darling and dearest and welcome you into my journey.

Thanks for tagging along [and supporting me] on this! I hope you feel that this fits my words and the personality that I’ve given this blog:)!

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