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Why I Took a Break

I’m going to be honest, you guys. Sometimes writing about clothes really isn’t all that fun.

I started thinking about post ideas, and kept coming up with ones I’ve written about before. I couldn’t think of anything fresh or new. Like this outfit? I could easily go all black-and-gold gameday for it, but I’ve done that so many times already. And buying new clothes to talk about all the time really isn’t the most feasible option, is it now?

So the logical thing to do when you get burnt out on everything? Breathe for a little while. Take a break. Cut back and reassess what you actually want out of it.

Which is what I did. I gave myself the “week off” and allowed some time to not thinking about blogging, and to really think about blogging. And what I want my blog to become over time, what I’m truly passionate about writing about.

I love clothes, don’t get me wrong. I never want fashion to not be a part of Darling, Dearest. But I don’t know if I want it to be the main thing, or at least the most prevalent thing. I want to share fashion with you when I truly think it’s worth sharing – not just for the sake of a post.

love crafting. I essentially have a craft room in my house. I want to incorporate that into the blog a bit more. I want to write about true lifestyle topics. Posts that might take more time than the night before to write, but are much more worth it to read.

So, with ALL that being said, what I mean to say really is that I might not be posting as often, but I’m going to try really hard to make them all worthwhile. I might explore topics that are new here, and I’d love any suggestions.



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