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Wood Watch for Men & Giveaway

First, can I just say that I LOVE being on the other side of the camera? You feel a heck of a lot less uncomfortable shooting around people. I kind of sort of loved watching my husband squirm a bit instead of me, for a change:)

Completely worth it for him, though, because these pictures enabled him to get this awesome watch! Brett has always liked my own JORD watch, and has not-so-secretly wanted one of his own to wear.

mens wooden watch, jord watch

While I loved a few of the other options that JORD has, like the Conway and Frankie, Brett had his sights set on this one. He loves being able to see in the face of the watch. He says it adds a manly touch to a classy watch.

mens wooden watch, jord watch

Me? I love the backside. How cool is this, getting to see inside like this?! It makes metal and gears look pretty… how is that possible? Such a unique watch.

mens wooden watch, jord watch

I just like the way it looks on my man’s arm. The color of the wood adds the perfect spring touch. It will look great with the lighter colored button-ups he keeps around for this time of the year, and goes great with the neutral tones he’s wearing here.

mens wooden watch, jord watch

Just look at this guy. Isn’t he the cutest? I’m smitten.

mens wooden watch, jord watch mens wooden watch, jord watch

One thing we both love about JORD is how the wood watches come packaged. The keepsake box I received has a permanent place on my banister, and Brett is all for a way to keep his items nice. His watch even came with a cleaning cloth and cleaning solution!

mens wooden watch, jord watch

In all honesty, I get more compliments on my JORD watch than any other watch I wear. It’s noticeable. I’ve even made friends with someone wearing one of their own before! Frankie is the style I plan on adding next to my collection. Be sure to check out both the men’s styles and women’s styles they offer!

Jord has graciously offered a giveaway for you guys! Just head to this link to enter – everyone that enters receives $25 toward their own Jord Watch, while one winner will receive $100! The giveaway runs until 3/26, and your code will last until 5/31/17.

Wooden Wristwatch

*Thank you, JORD, for providing the watch for this post. All opinions are our own. 

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